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noun |  /kas•ˈtɐ•ɲa/

: sf chestnut  castanha-do-pará sf Brazil nut


Castanha Films sprouted to life at the turn of the millennium in the state of Amapá. In this remote corner of the Brazilian Amazon, an unprecedented social experiment was under way: the first government to implement the principles of sustainable development as public policy. We were inspired to document the experiences of the traditional peoples and their efforts to preserve and cohabit with the Amazon.

Why “Castanha” ?

Among the traditional populations whose ways of life were integrated into the state economy, one example stood out: the castanheiros, or Brazil-nut harvesters, of the Jari region. We picked the humble Brazil nut, or castanha, as representative of how tiny beginnings can lead to great things.

Reinventing Ourselves

We’ve come a long way since our origins as the first independent documentary production company in Amapa. After establishing a second base of operations in Rio de Janeiro, we’re preparing to return to our roots in British Columbia, Canada, opening new opportunities for Canada-Brazil co-productions and cooperation.

Our Team

Gavin Andrews

Founder & Director

Carla Belas


Cassandra Oliveira


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