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Alo, alo Amazonia

For over 50 years the radio program “Alo, Alo Amazonia” has been relaying messages between isolated communities on the riverbanks of the Amazon. The film immerses us in the everyday life of the Amazon people, characterised by messages of all kinds – travel arrangements, birthday greetings, messages of love and unpaid debts. “Alô, alô Amazônia” introduces us to the people and places behind these messages.



Alô, alô Amazônia

HDV 720p24 | 51 min, 2007
A Co-Production: Fundação Padre Anchieta (TV Cultura)/Castanha Filmes/SECULT-AP
Support: ABD/AP
Directed by: Gavin Andrews
Production: Vanessa Gabriel
Photography & Editing: Gavin Andrews

Santana - AP, Brazil

Chaves - PA, Brazil

Breves - PA, Brazil

Vigia - PA, Brazil

Barcarena - PA, Brazil

Macapá – AP

Breves – PA

Chaves – PA