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Amazon Women

Amazon Women

As the chroniclers of the time would have it, when the expedition led by Francisco de Orellana navigated the great unexplored river from Peru toward the Atlantic, the Europeans were confronted by a tribe of female warriors who fought more fiercely and bravely than any male “Indian” they had yet come across. In homage to these women and their resemblance to the warrior women of Greek mythology the river was baptised Rio de las Amazonas – River of the Amazons.

Today, it is generally accepted that this account was a flight of fancy – or that the women were no more than a fever-induced illusion. However, a few insist that their descendants are among us, fierce warriors who can be found somewhere along the banks of the Amazon River.

I believe I have found them…


About Amazon Women...

In the Brazilian Amazon, a diverse group of resolute women have banded together to secure rights and reparations for the survivors of disfiguring driveshaft related accidents known as “scalping” that happen with chilling frequency on the region’s waterways. After state-sponsored corrective surgery, Rosi organizes the making of a daring pinup calendar to draw attention to their cause, but have all her fellow survivors found the courage within to bare themselves for the camera? Meanwhile, Trindade sets off on a journey by river to face the ghosts of her past and the father who left her for dead.

Feature-length documentary – In development
Directed by: Gavin Andrews & Cassandra Oliveira

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